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DefiLift 3D Body Oil

I'm so excited to introduce our brand new DefiLift 3D Body Oil, launching exclusively to QVC on 10th September! This formula is a favourite amongst salon professsionals, used to target and dramatically improve uneven skin texture, firmness and hydration – it’s our Gatineau recipe for High-Intensity Toning in a bottle.

This product is formulated specifically with a potent blend of active ingredients to give a power-packed punch that will target ‘problem-areas’ all over the body - such as small bumps, skin texture and smoothness, elasticity, suppleness and firmness. We all want to be confident that our skin is soft, smooth and glowing all over - and below are some of the powerful ingredients that help to achieve that!


Ivy Extract – to stimulate circulation and help to even out and improve skin tone and texture
Grapeseed Oil – to deeply nourish the skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles


Green Tea – to protect from accelerated ageing and improve skin elasticity
Vitamin E – to regenerate skin cells and improve the appearance of stretch marks and uneven skin texture
The powerful new DefiLift 3D Body Oil is best used after dry body brushing – a very important element of your body skincare regime that you should try to do at least 3 times a week.

  • Dry body brushing boosts circulation and aids the natural release of unwanted toxins by stimulating and encouraging lymphatic drainage. After consistent brushing and using the right products the appearance of uneven skin texture will improve.
  • We all know the importance of exfoliating the skin on the face, and the same applies to the body. By frequent body brushing you remove dead skin cells and encourage cell renewal – for smoother, brighter more youthful skin from head to toe
  • It refines and cleanses the pores, removing dead cell build-up and impurities so that skin is cleaner and can absorb products more efficiently and effectively
  • The skin is often prone to ingrown hairs as well as small bumps known as keratosis pilaris, frequent brushing and hydrating stops this build up from happening

Morning or evening, use the body brush on dry skin and work in gentle upwards motions.
Always begin at the ankles in upward movements towards the heart - the lymphatic fluid flows through the body towards the heart, so it’s more beneficial to brush in the same direction. Then, move up to the lower legs, thighs, stomach, back and arms. Be gentle over softer and more sensitive skin around the chest and décolleté and avoid any areas of inflamed, broken or particularly sensitive skin. Follow with your normal bath or shower.

We’ve asked 5 of our Gatineau Women to trial the new DefiLift 3D Body Oil and Body Brush daily for 2 weeks! Read their feedback here.


The DefiLift Body Oil is launching as part of a special collection on QVC on September 10th 2017- the DefiLift Firming Face & Body Collection* (QVC Item Number 230534). It will include the brand new DefiLift 3D™ Body Oil, Body Brush as well as 3 other firming and lifting favourites. I'll be there presenting, and I think this one is going to sell out fast - so don't miss it! 

Lucy x



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