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The beginning of a New Year always shouts ‘body detox’ to me and as I sign up for every exercise class out there, lock my wine fridge and throw away the key (for at least 2 weeks anyway) and dust down my juicer I realise I should be feeling the same sentiment towards my skin too.  After weeks of over-indulgence, countless celebrations, layers upon layers of heavy make-up, pitiful late night cleansing regimes and a few too many ‘pigs in blankets’ my complexion  has definitely lost that pizzazz and is looking seriously worse for wear!  And if that’s not enough I hear the BIG FREEZE is headed our way which will do very little good when it comes to maintaining those essential moisture levels in the skin. This type of cold harsh climate is a nemesis to the skin as it causes it to lose more than 25 percent of its ability to hold moisture!

But it’s not all bad news when you take skincare as seriously as Gatineau do, and with a bunch of skincare heroes that will undo the weeks of over-indulgence and neglect, it’s time to kick off 2019 with a clean slate.  That said, this year I have decided to embrace my beauty routine and write my own New Year’s skincare resolutions.  

# Skincare resolution 1 – I will ‘DOUBLE CLEANSE’ my skin every evening.
The infamous double-cleanse!  It might seem like chore but giving the skin a deep cleanse is never more essential than in the winter months and whilst it might be tempting to reach for the face wipes, they just don’t cut it.  The skin is the largest organ of our body and it is like the body’s coat. It protects you, helps your body stay warm when it’s cold, cool when it’s warm and stops germs getting in. Cleansing is the cornerstone of every good skincare routine, and is essential to remove every last trace of makeup, sunscreen, toxins and pollutants at the end of the day. Just like the phrase ‘two heads are better than one’ so are ‘two cleanses’. I prefer to use two different types of cleansers to do this –  firstly Gentle Silk Cleanser to  remove surface make-up and impurities, followed by Melatogenine™ Refreshing Cleansing Cream which I use with a cleansing brush to really work deep into the pores and eliminate the grime that clings to the inside of these little microscopic indentations.  Your skin will love you for it!  

# Skincare resolution 2 – I will EXFOLIATE my skin twice weekly
Removing dead skin cells can really bring the skin back to life.  Dullness-inducing dead skin cells build up on the surface of the skin on a daily basis and will accentuate every little line, wrinkle, pigmentation mark and enlarged pore! Using an exfoliator will not only boost the benefits of your cleanser but will buff, polish and shine the surface to give that baby-soft complexion.  I pledge to exfoliate twice a week and our Radiance Enhancing Gommage is what I call a real powerhouse which will definitely kick start the skin this year. Formulated without ANY granules it enzymatically sweeps away any dead skin cells leaving a brighter and clearer complexion and because of the high levels of Vitamin C, you can see why this exfoliant is known as the ‘glow getter’.

# Skincare resolution 3 – I will find time to FACE MASK!
Face masks are an absolute crucial part of a weekly skincare regime, especially as with each year that passes moisture and collagen levels deplete considerably. Masks are my ultimate indulgence, they’re the closest I ever get to a spa – I call them my spa treatment at home and they can give on the spot results to restore hydration and revive a dull complexion.  Gatineau are renowned for their salon-grade face masks and because of their whipped creamy and indulgent textures they simply melt into the skin without slipping and sliding so you can still get on with your household chores and let the mask do the work! 


# Skincare Resolution 4 – Serums are my absolute MUST!
Whilst you’re busy getting that all important beauty sleep your skin is working extra hard to rejuvenate itself - night time is the most crucial phase for cellular renewal.  I have in the past been a little idle but as I will be the other side of 45 this year this is my new must! Layering a serum into your night time regime gives a whole new meaning to a restful night as they do all the hard work elevating the skin repairing process and dramatically improve texture, tone and plumpness. I am definitely reaching for our newest addition to the Gatineau family this year  – Perfection Ultime™ Skin Perfecting Cream Serum – with the potency of a serum and the comfort of a feather-light cream it leaves skin radiant, luminous and recharged whether you’ve had 8 hours of beauty sleep or not!

# Skincare Resolution 5 – A little improvising never hurt my skin!
Achieving that flawless, smooth and dewy complexion can take a little time after weeks of festivities but in the meantime there is no harm in giving the skin a little helping hand. By adding in an illuminating serum into my moisturiser – Perfection Ultime™ Radiance Perfecting Drops – I know I can avoid layering on heavy foundation to camouflage skin imperfections and watch whilst this multi-tasking finishing fluid transforms the complexion with shimmer and sparkle – just like magic!

# Skincare Resolution 6 – I will not ignore my hands!
 As a (kind of) keen runner my hands are exposed to the elements just as much as my face and this delicate area of the body can really suffer in extreme climates making them feel uncomfortable, look unattractive and add years to my age.  When I think how often I wash my hands on a daily basis (with probably quite harsh hand soaps) this is definitely an area I am committed to looking after this year.  Gatineau’s humble hand cream can knock years off the skin and to me is like reaching for an emergency first aid kit!  Its three pronged approach – nourish-protect-repair – together with its non-greasy formula is like putting on a very expensive silk glove.  It really does scream opulence!

 So my ‘pledge’ to my skin this year has already begun and as our pledge to you we have created the perfect Gatineau Discovery Collection with a selection of 6 of our most loved skincare superhero products including luxurious cleansing essentials to targeted professional anti-ageing treatments. 

So instead of a ‘dry’ January for your skin why not make it a ‘Gatineau January?’

Happy New Year from us to you, and make sure to shop the perfect assortment of skincare must haves here for only £25!

Lucy x


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