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Tan Accelerating Lotion

Looking to get a natural healthy glow this summer?  Gatineau’s Tan Accelerating Lotion helps to boost and prolong tanning for beautifully bronzed skin.

Preparing your skin for sun exposure helps to build and maintain longer lasting colour and here at Gatineau we have the perfect product to help you get summer-ready skin. The cleaver formula in our luxurious lotion kick starts the tanning process before you even see the sun. It works by encouraging the skin’s natural production of Melanin, which is usually activated by exposure to UV light. Melanin is what gives skin its colour, so increased levels of this pigment means a naturally darker complexion. Melanin is also our natural defence against the sun, so a higher concentration in the skin helps to protect against UV damage.  What’s not to love?

But the benefits don’t stop there-as well as building and maintaining your colour, this product keeps your skin looking young and feeling smooth and supple. How? We’ve added our unique Mélatogénine youth molecule to this highly advanced lotion to prevent the appearance of premature skin ageing by speeding up cell renewal.  

Daily application of our Tan Accelerating Lotion up to two weeks before sun exposure will help your tan develop quickly and evenly. Suitable for both the face and body, this product will help you develop the perfect tan from head to toe. Apply it after exposure and use as your daily moisturiser for a couple of weeks after to maintain that flawless golden glow.  This beautifully refreshing cream is instantly absorbed and will leave your skin feeling satin-soft. What’s more, it comes in a family-friendly 400ml standard size to last you the whole summer.

A customer favourite and frequent sell out, this is the must-have seasonal product for nourished and perfectly tanned skin.


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