Defilift 3D™ Perfect Design Saviour Duo

Defilift 3D™ Perfect Design Saviour Duo


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This 85th Anniversary Limited Edition Set features the powerful Defilift 3D Redefining Performance Cream, teamed with the stimulating Collagen Expert Smoothing Serum. A targeted duo designed to firm and volumise the skin with powerful Plant Protein Technology and Marine Extracts and restore your youthful glow and bounce.

“YOUR FORTIES…… What is happening to your skin”?
The most common complaints from clients in their 40s is the slackening of the skin. The once tight, toned and firm complexion has a slight loss of definition, especially around the eyes and the jawline. So why, all of a sudden does the ageing process accelerate at this age? READ MORE


Defilift 3D Redefining Performance Cream 50ml - worth £86
Collagen Expert Ultimate Smoothing Serum 30ml - worth £64

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