Golden Glow Gradual Tan 400ml
Golden Glow Gradual Tan 400ml

Golden Glow Gradual Tan


Size: 400ml


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A fast absorbing cream-gel to instantly hydrate and gradually tan the body. This moisture packed golden glow melts into the skin and gives a natural, sun kissed, buildable tan. A lightweight, fast absorbing and easy to apply cream that absorbs into the skin to reveal a natural sun-kissed glow just 4 hours from the first application.

-Packed full of powerful ingredients with top notes of Pear and Mandarin and base notes of Sandalwood and Musk.
-Skin that looks and feels intensively nourished and a radiant, natural and even glow!
-Streak free and buildable
-Quick drying & Non-Sticky
-2 in 1, Moisturiser and Gradual Tan

Active Ingredients:
- Coconut Oil: which hydrates, smooths and maintains the skin’s natural barrier
- Soy Oil: to soften the skin and Vitamin E – a powerful anti-oxidant that protects the skin from external pollutants and free radical damage
- DHA & Vitamin E:  derived from Sugar Cane, reacts naturally with amino acids in the skin to produce a subtle golden glow


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Customer Reviews

  • Username Lisa
  • Date Nov 2019

"This is the gold standard of natural tans!"

"“This is the gold standard of gradual tans! As it’s a milky formula its lightweight and dries in a flash. No greasiness and you can get dressed straight away! It smells fresh on application and definitely does NOT develop a fake tan fragrance which is a MUST for me! It gives a good, even, natural tan result. The best Gradual tan out there!”"

  • Username Lyse
  • Date Jul 2019

"Brilliant natural self tan"

"This product is amazing. Easy to apply and dries quickly so that you can get dressed without waiting. The skin is left moistured and will develope a glorious tan. I found that it smelled pleasant on applying and for once no horrible self tan smell. A brilliant product - so grateful to Gatineau for developing this delightful product. "

  • Username Peta
  • Date Jun 2019

"gorgeous stuff!"

"This moisturising lotion is so so easy to use. Smells good and leaves my skin soft and gently streaks you just rub it in and a little goes a long long way.get it to the level of bronze you want and then just op up every other day to maintain...great stuff"

  • Username moradunca_0
  • Date May 2019

"Best Ever"

"This has to be the best gradual tanner on the market! It's unusual texture gives your skin a luxurious sheen, but the texture is extremely light and fresh on your skin. Within a minute of applying i was able to get dressed and nothing transferred to my clothes, or onto my sheets. Within 3 applications i had a gorgeous colour similar to when you go on holiday and the sun gives your skin a glowing tan. It's very easy to apply and has a beautiful light scent of coconuts and fruit, absolutely no horrible fake tan smell. Another winner from Gatineau that deserves to win top awards and reviews. *****"

  • Username April11
  • Date May 2019

"Loves this smells beautiful and feels good on the skin "


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