Tan Accelerating Lotion

Tan Accelerating Lotion

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Size: 400ml


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Tia C.Yes20/10/2017 09:49:12
Jaime A.Yes20/10/2017 09:49:30
Meena A.Yes20/10/2017 09:49:44
Roxie-Marie F.Yes20/10/2017 09:50:03
Tanya t.Yes20/10/2017 09:50:47
Katherine k.Yes20/10/2017 09:51:05
Alexandra R.Yes20/10/2017 09:51:29
Amy F.Yes20/10/2017 09:51:48
Helen R.Yes20/10/2017 09:52:08
Felicia L.Yes20/10/2017 09:52:22
GuestYes31/10/2017 14:58:04
GuestYes31/10/2017 14:58:11
GuestYes31/10/2017 14:58:18
GuestYes31/10/2017 14:58:36
GuestYes31/10/2017 14:58:43
Mel E.Yes27/10/2017 09:46:43
Ruth S.Yes27/10/2017 09:46:58
Kelsey H.Yes27/10/2017 09:47:15
Maria C.Yes27/10/2017 09:48:11
Cherish R.Yes27/10/2017 09:48:27
MRS PYes11/07/2018 13:29:50
Gina williamsYes27/07/2018 10:02:47
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By boosting the production of melanin, the skin’s natural colouring pigment, this light lotion kick-starts the tanning process before you even see the sun. Then, after sun exposure, natural ingredients nourish and hydrate the skin to prolong your golden glow. To fight the ageing effects of UV rays, we’ve also added our youth activating molecule, Mélatogénine™, to leave your skin looking its best.

All skin types.

Please note that this product does not contain SPF or self-tan.


MAP (Melanin Activating Peptide) – stimulates the production of melanin
Vanilla Extract – soothes inflammation
Sweet Orange – conditioning agent with anti-oxidant properties
Daffodil Extract – soothes the skin and alleviates discomfort
Mélatogénine – restores and regenerates the skin


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Customer Reviews

  • Username Cherish R.
  • Date Oct 2017

"Nice addition to tanning!"

"If your tanning this is a must. Gives a natural looking boost!"

  • Username Maria C.
  • Date Oct 2017

"Easy to apply and smells quite nice too"

"Lovely hint of a tint of a tan, have used it a few time and I've never had any marks where it's not rubbed in. Feels nice too. Will save some for next summer!"

  • Username Kelsey H.
  • Date Oct 2017

"made my tan so even"

"As an avid fake-tanner I thought that I had settled on my favourite fake tans - but this is amazing! I usually use a mouse self tanner, but I found this worked well on my face and places were I am slightly dryer as it is more moisturising, it worked really well under the tan I already use to help even out and prolong "

  • Username Ruth S.
  • Date Oct 2017

"You Need This!"

"This is a cult-product for a reason! This smells absolutely lovely with a fresh, clean smell and I can definitely see that this will help my skin when it comes to taking on sun-damage! "

  • Username Mel E.
  • Date Oct 2017

"Great smell"

"Tried this before smells lovely. "

  • Username Guest
  • Date Oct 2017

"I will most certainly be buying more of this!"

"I love love love this lotion! I have been using it for a couple of weeks and due to the good weather have been sun bathing in garden! My skin has gone a lovely golden brown and the colour is much more even. I will most certainly be buying more of this! "

  • Username Guest
  • Date Oct 2017

"Well, what do you know - it worked!"

"I love the sun and having sun kissed skin. I was looking for something that could help to maximise my ability to tan. I used this every day three weeks before my holiday, during my week away as an after sun and every other day since I've been back. And what difference did using this make to me? My skin was moisturised. I tanned more easily, my tan was even and the places that I've always found difficult to tan (the backs of my legs) went a lovely colour. I haven't peeled at all and my tan is sticking around a lot longer than it usually does. I'm ordering this again. "

  • Username Guest
  • Date Oct 2017


"I have purchased for the last 3 years and now make sure I never run out during the Summer....this is amazing and promotes the best natural long lasting tan ever. "

  • Username Guest
  • Date Oct 2017

"Just Amazing"

"I used this all last summer for the first time. It kept my skin lovely and hydrated and I got a lovely even tan on my holiday without suffering the redness and burning that I usually do (I did use in conjunction with Ultrasun). As advised my Michaela, I used this as my daily body moisturiser for the summer and my after sun and I will be doing the same again this year. I have stocked up as I don't want to be without this lovely product. "

  • Username Guest
  • Date Oct 2017


"I have problems with prickly heat when on holiday which means I have to cover up once I start getting it, but using this product this year I didn’t suffer from it at all and my tan was the best colour I have ever had. Smells great and skin feels great and my husband kept stealing it as an after sun, HANDS OFF DEAR. "

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