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Inside AHA

Beam and Glow from Head to Toe with AHA Body Lotion
It’s that ‘Groundhog Day’ time of year again that we all dread. Winter blues, icy temperatures, whipping winds, central heating ramped up to the max – the change of season calls for some tweaking and that’s not just to your wardrobe! Moisturising your body can feel like a chore, but once winter's chilly temperatures hit it should become even more of an essential everyday task.  

There are a lot of perpetrators which can cause dry, itchy, and seasonally parched skin.  Extreme changes in temperature and long hot showers both zap vital moisture out of the skin. A lack of sun and that essential Vitamin D which plays an integral role in skin rejuvenation and protection and hibernating skin buried under layers of clothing which impede cellular renewal and prevent vital skin oxygenation, result quite often in your skin looking like a Tyrannosaurus rex - in other words covered in scales. The skin is not only the body’s largest organ but plays a vital role in regulating body temperature and acting as a barrier to protect the body against environmental aggressors. When the skin gets dry, cracked and bumpy it loses its ability to perform these functions and without this protective shield skin will be prone to premature ageing.  

Restoring that supple, soft and radiant skin is simpler than you think when you use Gatineau’s once a day AHA Body Lotion. This high intensity body moisturiser is packed with skin loving ingredients and designed to target a multitude of problems to restore beautiful and glowing skin.   
And ‘skin loving’ these ingredients most certainly are.   AHA’s or Alpha Hydroxy Acids were first discovered and used in skincare creams in the 1990’s due to their unique non-abrasive ability to provide a smooth and even skin texture.  Taking inspiration from these highly effective ingredients Gatineau scientists selected a blend of Passion Fruit Enzymes and Citrus Fruits which are not only extremely gentle but have the ability to gently buff away surface dead skin cells, whilst intensively hydrating new skin cells and stimulating cellular regeneration.  (It’s like an exfoliator and intense body lotion all at the same time).

And then there’s pea extract (Pisum Sativum is the official name).  Now peas were definitely not my favourite childhood vegetable yet incredibly the seeds and pods of these small and mighty veg are packed with proteins, minerals, essential amino acids and vitamin B6. These are excellent at counteracting the free radical damage and inflammation that drains collagen and elastin proteins from the skin and helps to promote skin that is vibrant and energised!

With the addition of Shea Butter and Sunflower Seed Oil, a super source of essential fatty acids and Vitamin A, it’s no wonder AHA Body Lotion can treat all types of skin conditions and leave skin feeling so velvety soft.
And if that hasn’t convinced you then maybe this will.   AHA Body lotion ticks every box in what you expect from a body moisturiser.  It’s light in texture and fast absorbing, it’s non-greasy so you can dress immediately, it offers maximum hydration in minimum time, it leaves skin dewy and glowing and it glazes the skin in a beautiful yet delicate floral scent. 

For maximum results apply daily after a bath or shower all over the body, paying particular attention to the driest areas: elbows, knees, tops of arms and balls of the feet!

Our AHA Body Lotion is available in the March 10th Today's Special Value on QVC. Save the date!!

Lucy xx


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