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An 'eye-treatment-meets-concealer' with optic brighteners, Green Tea Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and so much more

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Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

Here at Gatineau, we pride ourselves on being leaders in scientifically innovative skincare. If we source a new scientific discovery or a new ingredient with more effective results – even if the product is a best-seller – it will be reformulated to ensure maximum efficiency, quality and pleasure.

With the constant demand for make-up products that offer maximum coverage whilst being long-wearing, cosmetic companies are continually developing more sophisticated products to keep up with the latest beauty trends. We recognise that as as the cosmetic industry evolves it is vital to ensure there are appropriate products available to deliver effective removal of this high-tech long-lasting make-up whist offering maximum protection against external environmental aggressions.

he skin around our eyes is up to 10 times as thin as the rest of the face and is therefore one of the most delicate outer areas of our body. We already know that our skin is attacked by up to 5000 free radicals a day – UV, pollution and other external aggressions are at war with our skin on a continual day to day basis.  The consequences?

- Deterioration of collagen and elastin which is responsible for smooth and firm skin
- An increase in erratic melanin production leading to pigmentation and dark circles.
- A sluggish lymphatic circulation causing increased puffiness and a dull, lack lustre complexion 

Our new Eye Make-up Remover is super effective, yet incredibly gentle. It removes all make-up from the lids and lashes whilst addressing the day to day concerns of skin ageing. Enriched with Green Tea which offers vital anti-oxidant protection to the skin by quenching free radicals and reducing inflammation, it can help to delay the signs of ageing and help reduce dark circles and puffiness.
With added extracts of Cucumber and Aloe Vera, this Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover cools and soothes dry, tired eyes, intensively hydrates delicate skin and leaves a sensation of softness to the eye contour. The formula is lightweight and leaves no greasy residue or feelings of discomfort.  It is hypoallergenic and suitable for contact lens wearers.

The Science?
The EGCG compounds in green tea can actually reactivate skin cells that are dying due to poor lifestyle habits, exposure to sunlight and pollution.

Plus, it contains high level of OPCs which are some of the most powerful antioxidants known to scientists. These antioxidants help ward off premature aging by fighting free radicals and healing damaged cells. And that’s not all: OPCs also inhibit the enzymes that break down collagen and elastin, which are essential for skin’s strength and suppleness. If that wasn’t enough Green tea has an abundance of vitamin K, which is a proven ingredient in the battle against dark circles and puffy eyes.


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