Mélatogénine AOX Probiotics™ Advanced Rejuvenating Eye Concentrate

Mélatogénine AOX Probiotics™

Advanced Rejuvenating Eye Concentrate 15ml

Size: 15ml


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A powerful treatment for the eyes to target the signs of ageing. Enriched with Seaweed Extract to restore skin’s vitality, our highly concentrated formula combines our youth activating molecule, Mélatogénine™, with Probiotics and Anti-oxidants to boost natural radiance and smooth lines and wrinkles.

Age 35 years and beyond


Mélatogénine™ – reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles
Probiotics – boost skin’s natural radiance
Anti-oxidants – help protect the skin
Seaweed Extract – promotes skin’s vitality
Orchid Extract – brightens the eye area


How to use


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Customer Reviews

  • Username Guest
  • Date Oct 2017

"Most effective eye purchase ever"

"Been trying to rid myself of hideously puffy eyes for years which are now getting 'crepey' on the lid too. After only 2-3 days of using this amazing product I realised I'd hit on a winner….Well done Gatineau! A first rate effective product. "

  • Username Guest
  • Date Oct 2017

"Best eye cream for under eye area"

"As the title says, I find this is the best eye cream for the under-eye area and also for the crows' feet area. I have been using this for more than ten years and it has kept lines and wrinkles at bay, and dark circles rarely develop, unless I run out of this and that's when I panic! I prefer to use the DefiLift eye cream for the upper eye area as I have more of a hooded problem there rather than lines, and that cream helps to keep that area firm. "

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A rich luxurious moisturiser to treat the skin to deep hydration, whilst targeting the early signs of ageing. 
The perfect trio for an all round skin care ritual on the go!
With complementary bag
Brand new launch!