Renew 7™ Detox Serum

Renew 7™

Detox Serum 15ml

Size: 15ml


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An intensely purifying treatment for the skin, our Renew 7 Detox clears out cell damaging toxins and renews the complexion in just 7 days. Perfect for tired and devitalised skin, this intensive treatment boosts your skin’s natural detoxifying action. Enriched with Anti-oxidants, it regenerates cells and restores radiance. After just a week of application, your skin is flushed of toxins and left deeply cleansed.

All ages.


AHAs – eliminate impurities
Vitamin C – brightens the skin
Peptides – rejuvenate the skin
Pearl Extract – for a youthful glow


How to use


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Customer Reviews

  • Username Guest
  • Date Nov 2017

"Gorgeous to use"

"I used this after a long haul flight from Australia. It quickly renews tired skin and is wonderful to use. It comes in a striking black bottle, and within a few days has brightened the skin and produces a healthy glow. It's quickly absorbed and very lightly scented. Gorgeous to use and feels indulgent and pampering. It works beautifully too."

  • Username Guest
  • Date Nov 2017

"Soft, smooth clear skin "

"Gatineau Renew 7 Detox Concentrate is one fantastic beauty treatment as within the first use I was able to see how much the concentrate provided me with skin soft and smooth but most important of all the Detox worked on my pores removing the oil and debris which can lead to spots and blackheads etc. The Detox value of this product is in my opinion, the best I have ever seen as immediately my pores looked so much smaller leaving behind soft, smooth clear skin which made me look better and with that came confidence. I think I felt more confident as I knew my skin looked and felt great therefore not having to apply extra foundation or anything else which would provide coverage on my skin. I saw a firmness I never experienced before and I am only half way through the 7-day treatment. It is advised to use this beautiful serum which is applied on cleansed skin, you can then apply any other serum or moisturiser you use normally.It is also advised to use it every three months, and I would happily do this as the conditioned skin this provides me is second to nothing I have ever used prior to using this."

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